All About Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce Form and Filings

Divorce in any form is a difficult decision that you take for the good of yourself or your partner and kids. It is among one of those decisions of your life, which can put a lot of mental strain on you. It becomes slightly easier when it is uncontested. You both are on the same boat. There is no major disagreement regarding anything which can really delay or block the process. The fees od divorce attorneys are increasing every day, there is not much much regulation in this field. Attorneys make the most of this and make a huge chunk of money. Your conflict is their business. But you can always get away from paying this money if you can take the baton in your hands. And this is very much possible if you are filing Oklahoma uncontested divorce form.

oklahoma uncontested divorce forms

What is an uncontested divorce and how much time does it take?

If everything is sorted between you two. The uncontested divorce process can be completed in as less as ten days. But you have sure, there is no room for conflict between you two, else the process can linger a very long time and it will hurt both you. So, it is very important to make everything black and white from the division of property to the custody of kids. If you are leaving no grey area behind, the process will be smooth. This arrangement of divorce is termed waiver divorce. It is exclusive to the uncontested procedure. A waiver divorce is the smoothest way to end the marriage without any friction and loss of money. To start off you are required to fill a waiver Oklahoma uncontested divorce form. And then move to further proceedings.


To proceed with waiver dissolution of marriage, both the parties are required to formally sign all the points of mutual agreement. If there is any minor contention, you both are required mention that too and formally sign it. If the issue of contention is bigger and does not come under the purview of waiver divorce. You may be asked to fill a contested divorce from. So, it is always advised, even if there is any contention, couples need to solve it well before filling Oklahoma uncontested divorce form.

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The procedure

Once you are done with agreements papers, you can proceed with dissolution form. To avail waiver dissolution, you are required to approach the waiver service department and file petition of dissolution marriage, entry of appearance and waiver service along with the final dissolution decree. Once you have submitted these documents, you will be given a date for a final hearing. You are required to submit a marital settlement agreement and child support and custody schedule. If you fail to submit these documents, the final hearing will not take place, and the process may get delayed. So, make sure you have all the documents ready well before you think of filling Oklahoma uncontested divorce form. This will not only help you in ending the marriage easily but also save a lot of money for both of you.

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