Top Reasons Why You Should Use VPN

VPN is the abbreviation for the virtual private network; it makes it possible for its users to connect to various network resources, data centers, and safely encrypt their communication. We have multiple reasons why people are using VPN; some are using it for security purposes while others are using it for a security measure to hide or protect their internet connection. Some of the top reasons why you should use VPN are;

1. When connecting to public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi are very dangerous; connecting to public Wi-Fi directly poses a high risk to your private information like passwords and card pins. This is the most target of most cybercrime all over the world. Using a VPN to get connected ensures you’re safe from any form of a cyber-attack. All the traffic from your browsing device is encrypted, which protects yours from being exposed to hackers.

2. Online anonymity

This is the most likely reason you have to start using a Migliori VPN today. VPN can completely hide your IP address meaning your location can be exposed. VPNs are also capable of protecting all your internet activities, making it difficult for hackers to access your events.


You will always unlock geo-restricted areas. VPN provides yours with an easy option you can use to unblock things that are not available to your country or location. Your access to such sites is typically blocked based on the location of your IP address.

3. Shaping and censorship

Another use of a VPN is to bypass traffic censorship and shaping. When you are connecting to VPN, filters don’t apply to the ISP, which means you can easily access restricted sites.

4. File/ P2P download

The use of a VPN that supports file or P2P download is on the rise these days. These types of VPN allow you to download any files without going against any long in policies.

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