When is the Best Time to go Fishing

Fishing is usually popular in several states across the country as a sport to pass the time during leisure or as an economic activity. Nevertheless, the reality is that on both these occasions, every individual usually wants the privilege of catching some fish in the process. This is where being well conversant with the best fishing time becomes vital. Since going fishing at a lousy time may warrant you catching very few fish or even no fish at all.

Different fish usually have different best fishing times due to several factors. This piece will look at bass fishing, which is a popular exercise countrywide. Listed below are some of the best times to go for bass fishing;

Spawning period

This forms one of the best fishing periods for any fish. Thus, at the right water temperatures of about 60 degrees, many of the fish will begin to migrate into shallow waters to nest while also feeding heavily. Therefore, any period before, during, and after spawning usually forms a great time to catch massive fish, including Bass. All you need to know is the behavior pattern of the fish species you would like to catch as spawning periods may differ across species. For instance, Bass spawns in late winter and late spring, depending on location in the US.

Time of the day

Another factor determining the best time for fishing is usually concerning the time of day. Bass fishing is typically productive during;

Early morning hours

These periods are usually associated with low light conditions, which creates perfect hunting ground for Bass as the majority of their food will be more available. Their anatomy guarantees the best vision during low light, thus increasing the chances of bait bite. You will need to check a few bass fishing rods before you go.

The early morning also guarantees for conducive warm water environment when the water is not too hot or too cold. At this temperature, the fish also come out in bilk to feed, guaranteeing for an easy catch.

Late afternoons/evenings

This is also a prime fishing time during the summer and fall seasons. At these times of the day, the light intensity usually fades from the setting sun creating a perfect feeding time. The temperatures also reduce substantially from the reduced sun intensity on the water, thus further creating a conducive water environment allowing the fish to come out to the top waters.


The nights constitute the best fishing time of all. This is because of the massive feeding by the majority of fish at this hour. The light intensity is usually low, and temperatures optimally cool; thus, most fish will always utilize this opportunity to feed before sunlight and heat creep in during the daytime. Thus, giving you the excellent opportunity to bait and capture the majority of them.

At night, the anglers traffic is also minimal allowing for easy manuver around the water body during fishing.

Other times that fishing could prove very productive include;

During changing tides

This will require you to be well updated on the tide levels of the water body near you. Thus, during changing tides, fish food usually moves around, creating an excellent feeding period for fish where they can subsequently be caught.

Cloud covered skies

Thus, overcast days also make for great fishing times. The clouds usually block direct sunlight keeping the waters cool and a little dim, a perfect combination for the fish to dwell at while feeding. Thus, many fish will move from deep water to the surface, allowing you to fish in abundance.

These are some of the best times that you will be able to catch fish in abundance and with maximal ease. Thus, you should try and consider these periods when going fishing to guarantee for a successful catch.

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